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Specializing in Marriage, Family, and Teen Counseling

Resolve conflict with your teen and in your family in a healthy and beneficial manner with marriage and family counseling services from our therapist in Huntington Beach, California.  Whether you are in need of family conflict resolution or you need personal treatment of an anxiety disorder, Kenneth J. Rhea, MFT has the knowledge and experience to provide you with the understanding help you need to heal.

Our licensed marriage and family therapist specializes in individual, couple, and family counseling. He provides personalized adult and teen counseling services and tailors each session to your unique situation and lifestyle.

About Kenneth Rhea

Kenneth J. Rhea, MFT first began counseling families and teens in 1979 and is the founder of South Coast Therapists. With 30 years of experience in counseling and psychotherapy, Kenneth has the knowledge and expertise to help you get through any difficult situation in your life. Read More

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